Death By Audio Apocalypse

Death By Audio Apocalypse

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The Death by Audio Apocalypse is a 5-in-1 fuzz pedal with a sweepable filter that yields an array of versatile fuzz sounds from one pedal. Capable of mild boost to full on fuzz, the Death by Audio Apocalypse features a 5-way switch for 5 different fuzz tones. Scoup is scooped and perfect for metal and doom, Gainiac is a more classic sounding, high gain fuzz overloaded with harmonics, Square Wave is a huge distortion sound, Octavious induces full wave rectification for a nasty octave fuzz, and Wave Form Shifter provides splatty, gated fuzz. The Frequency control is more than a standard tone control, in its breadth are anything from bass heavy to scooped to midrange hump to overloaded treble bumblebee buzz.


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