Klavis Quadigy - Silver

Klavis Quadigy - Silver

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The Quadigy is a complex envelope generator in 14hp focused on live play. The goal is to allow the user setting up rich, interactive and dynamically evolving envelopes without the risk of breaking up a subtle and intricate patch once on stage. This is achieved by offering two main modes, one where full control is available and a Live mode where only the settings that are sensible using on stage are accessible.

  • Quad 7-stage envelopes
  • Continuous curve shape setting
  • Inversion
  • Independent output level
  • Cycle capability with auto fit-to-clock
  • 32 presets with naming
  • External preset control via CV/Trig
  • Graphical display
  • Multi-editing for polyphonic uses
  • Current state retained over power cycle

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Video: https://youtu.be/lvMbFATGvc0

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