Instruo Troika Triple Oscillator

Instruo Troika Triple Oscillator

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Troika is a set of three all analogue voltage controlled oscillators in a single 32HP module. They can be used individually or summed using the built in rnixer. Each voice generates the classic waveforms and uses a unique control set of switches and crossfaders for analogue crossfading between wave shapes. Between the three voices, crossfading between any combination of classic wave shapes can be achieved. The third voice also has PWM capabilities.

Features * Three all analogue oscillators * 1V/octave, Coarse, Fine controls * Toggle switches for cascading 1V/octave CV to lower oscillator as normal connection * Oscillator hard sync * Linear FM with annenuators * Selectable faders for crossfading between waveforms * Individual oscillator outputs * Summed output with level controls

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