WMD Quad Anti-Aliasing Filter - PDO Expansion

WMD Quad Anti-Aliasing Filter - PDO Expansion

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The WMD Quad Anti Aliasing Filter (QAAF) is the first expansion for the Phase Displacement Oscillator. Great for Pre & Post Filtering, it is designed to eliminate aliasing and stair-step distortion from the Digital to Analog converters. Useful by itself as well as coupled with the Phase Displacement Oscillator (PDO). - 4HP. - Channel to Channel Freq +-0.5% - Switched Capacitor Design - Butterworth Response Curve - CV Input - Frequency Offset Knob - Clock Input/Output - Mix Output - Low-Frequency Limit Jumper - 4 HP - Completely Analog

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Video: https://youtu.be/D8cOdEsa_QU

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