Warwick Rockboard Natural Sound Buffer

Warwick Rockboard Natural Sound Buffer

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RockBoard Natural Sound Buffer The Rockboard Natural Sound Buffer is a op-amp based signal buffer that eliminates cable capacitance and loss of top end associated with long cable paths or using several unbuffered effects pedals. Its position in the signal chain shoul be assertained by experimentation depending on the effects pedals used to optimise your sound.


op-amp based signal buffer

prevents signal loss in effects chains

gives back presence and assertiveness to the overall sound

Solid metal housing

6.3 mm mono in/output jacks

power supply via optional 9V DC Adapter, 2.1 x 5.5 mm barrel, polarity (-) center

battery operation not supported

dimensions (W x D x H) 74 mm x 42 mm x 33 mm

weight 92 g

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