Warwick Rockboard LED Light for PedalBoard

Warwick Rockboard LED Light for PedalBoard

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RockBoard LED Light for PedalBoard In a time of effects rigs with ever-growing visibility on stage is a major concern for many players. The RockBoard® LED Light will put a stop to groping in the dark once and for all. This LED light has been specifically designed for use with pedalboards. Immediately compatible with all 2019 Series RockBoard® Pedalboards its simple 3-hole mounting clamp can be fixed to virtually any pedalboard to illuminate your effects rig on dark stages. Adjustable in 4 steps and with 6 color settings it will either put your pedals in the limelight or provide subtle ambient illumination and everything in between.

Features: LED light for pedalboards illuminates your effects rig on dark stages compatible with most pedalboards multi-colour LEDs 6 colors selectable (white / red / green / blue / yellow / pink) brightness adjustable in 4-steps power supply via optional 9V DC, 2.1 x 5.5 mm barrel plug, polarity (-) centre

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