Industrial Music Electronics Piston Honda MK II

Industrial Music Electronics Piston Honda MK II

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Single digital wavetable oscillator with 3-dimensional waveform morphing.


  • 1 volt per octave tracking. Sync and attenuverted CV inputs.
  • Voltage-controllable morphing resolution.
  • Un-morphed "smooth" waveform mode, switchable between internal oscillator and external waveshaper.
  • Thru-zero frequency modulation input.
  • 4096 8-bit waveforms organized into a 16x16x16 cube.
  • The last 6 locations (256 waves each) are user-editable using Wave256 software and Piston Honda expander.
  • Voltage control over all continuous parameters, with attenuverters.
  • External signal waveshaper with independent I/O.

Includes original box.


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