Rossum Electro-Music Trident Multi-Synchronic Oscillator Ensemble

Rossum Electro-Music Trident Multi-Synchronic Oscillator Ensemble

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The Trident from Rossum Electro-Music is a 30HP 100% analogue triple oscillator module with astounding synchronised modulation possibilities, with a universe of dynamic timbral textures, each VCO sporting a unique variety of control voltage inputs.

Each of the Modulation Oscillators can modulate each of the Carrier outputs in an amount controlled by the Zing parameter. Zing modulation is akin to ring modulation, but due to the sync of the oscillators the aharmonic sum and difference sidetones of ring modulation transform into complex but harmonic overtones, which vary dynamically and dramatically with the frequency and waveshape modulations of the modulation oscillators. Each change in the Modulation Oscillator parameters - Frequency, Symmetry, Waveshape, Zing, and (in the case of Modulation Oscillator 2) Phase - will have a different effect on the timbre of each of the three Carrier waveshape outputs. Made in USA.


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