Dazatronyx BSIAB2 Brown Sound in a Box 2

Dazatronyx BSIAB2 Brown Sound in a Box 2

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Based on the BSIAB (Brown Sound in a Box) circuit designed by Ed Guidry which has been ever-populated and appropriated over time by various boutique designers; the BSIAB2 is an upgraded & updated take on this classic utilising NOS Fairchild 5457 field effect transistors (FETs) which offer tube like response and feel - when slammed with a TS808 or TS909 (check out the Dazatronyx TSX or Professional Overdrive) type pedal in front of the BSIAB2 - the FETs will achieve more saturation and amp-like sag with a tightened bottom end - just like an amp!

Handwired with a hybrid mix of both surface mount and through-hole assembled components right here in Melbourne, Australia by Darren Thornbury.

Brand new with 10 year warranty.

Video: https://youtu.be/Xf1lJOtHpzU

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