Industrial Music Electronics Hertz Donut Mark III

Industrial Music Electronics Hertz Donut Mark III

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A new complex digital oscillator with unison detune, programmable 3x4 modulation matrix mixer and external input. Intricate arrangements of phase distortion, thru-zero frequency modulation, and complex oscillation are instantly morphable and recallable through a voltage-controlled preset manager. Suitable for genre-targeted sequenced basslines, synthesis of stone, glass, and steel tones, and simulation of the acoustic properties of industrial machinery.

Two sinusoidal modulation operators are mixed to four modulation destinations with an external audio input. The operators may be locked to several precise frequency ratios of the main oscillator, or set to be otherwise subordinate. The three sources may modulate each other’s frequencies, or the amount of phase or fractal distortion. A plethora of control voltage inputs allow full control of the patch, reacting within a +/- 10V range. The first operator has a calibrated 1v/oct control voltage input and fine tune control, for use as an independent oscillator augmented by the modulation bus. The modulation mix is placed under the influence of a master control, so that a single knob and CV input control the degree of modulation in the entire module.


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