Vpme.de Euclidean Circles V2 & Six Switches

Vpme.de Euclidean Circles V2 & Six Switches

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The Euclidean Circles v2 from Vladimir Pantelic Musikelektronik is a nifty trigger sequencer with six tracks.
The two modes of operation, the editable step count per track and chaining functions allow you to create highly interesting, polyrhythmic results in no time.
New features of the V2 module: Individual tracks can be switched to a normal trigger sequencer mode with up to 16 steps. In addition, there is now a multifunctional button. It can be used to select presets, send start / stop commands or freeze patterns.

The Six Switches is an extension module for the Euclidean Circles rhythm generator which allows you to individually enable and disable all of the trigger output channels. Passive, & only 2hp.

Includes Six Switches.

Video: https://youtu.be/LcVSN1q02Mg

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