Make Noise DXG Dual Stereo Gate

Make Noise DXG Dual Stereo Gate

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The Make Noise DXG music synthesizer module is a versatile and innovative addition to the world of modular synthesis, particularly for stereo signal mixing. Occupying a modest 8hp space, it follows the lineage of the QMMG, Optomix, RxMx, DynaMix, and LxD, but with a unique twist – it's tailored for mixing stereo signals. This makes it an essential tool for systems incorporating stereo modules like the XPO, QPAS, Morphagene, Mimeophon.

What sets the DXG apart is its novel low pass gate circuit, a departure from the traditional vactrol-based designs. This 100% analog circuit was meticulously crafted over several months, aiming to match or surpass the performance of previous vactrol low pass gates by Make Noise. Although Make Noise has previously developed vactrol-less LPGs like the Dynamix module and the Dynamics circuit in the 0-COAST, the DXG represents a completely new approach. It expertly balances the subtle single-pole filtering characteristic of a low pass gate with the emulation of the slower decay and 'memory' of vactrol-based units. This innovative design ensures consistent response for versatile stereo applications, all while maintaining a compact and affordable form factor.

The DXG’s Control parameter is a hallmark of Make Noise's low pass gates, adjusting both amplitude and frequency content of the sound. It opens faster than it closes, adding a gentle decay to any envelope shape used for modulation.

A significant evolution in the DXG compared to previous Make Noise offerings is that all its inputs and outputs are stereo. The inputs are normalled, allowing a mono signal at the left input to be copied to both left and right outputs. Additionally, the Auxiliary inputs form a stereo pair with mono normalisation. These features enable the DXG to function as a simple three-channel stereo mixer, with one or two channels also providing dynamics control and note event generation. The Aux inputs can also be used to create larger, decentralised mixes using additional DXG modules or other compatible devices like X-PAN, Optomix, and modDemix.

In summary, the Make Noise DXG synthesizer module is a compact, innovative, and essential tool for any modular system, especially those utilising stereo modules. Its unique low pass gate circuit and stereo-centric design offer a new realm of creative possibilities in modular synthesis.


  • Our first Stereo Low Pass Gate
  • Vactrol-free design for classic Low Pass Gate sounds, but with the balance and consistency needed for true Stereo 
  • Fully Stereo i/o for easy integration into a Stereo-equipped modular synthesizer
  • All Left inputs normalled for easy use with Mono signals
  • STRIKE INput allows use of Gate signal to trigger Low Pass Gate circuit, creating “plucking" or "pinging" sound from any Gate 
  • Summing stage with Stereo AUXiliary IN allows for chaining of multiple units, creating larger mixes
  • Part of a decentralised mix console integrated throughout the system along with X-PAN, Optomix, XOH, etc.
  • Pairs well with XPO, QPAS, Morphagene, Mimeophon, Spectraphon & more

Tech Specs

  • Width: 8hp
  • Power:
  • 74mA @ +12V
  • 86mA @ -12V
  • Module Depth (incl power cable): 43mm


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