Instruo Cárn Utility Mixer

Instruo Cárn Utility Mixer

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At its core, the Instruō càrn is a four channel signal processing utility with distinct functionality and individual outputs per channel. It is optimised for both audio and control voltage signals. It offers a voltage-controlled panner with constant power panning, a VCA, a ring modulator, and a signal crossfader – all housed within a compact stereo mixer format. As a mixer, càrn can function as a traditional end-of-chain summing stage with a built-in stereo VCA.

It can also seamlessly expand to related stereo Instruō modules via its pair of stereo back jacks and included low profile stereo cable. càrn includes an optional stereo limiter that is perfect for everything between gentle signal softening to saturated drum bus distortion.

Whether you need a feature-dense signal processor, a hyper-compact summing mixer, or a soft-clipping signal mangler, càrn will meet the challenge.

Features: * AC & DC coupling options for audio and CV mixing * Voltage-controlled constant power panning * Two-quadrant linear VCA * Four-quadrant VCA (Ring modulation) * Final stage stereo VCA * Signal crossfading * Individual channel outputs with normalling options * On-board limiting * Back jack connectivity for expansion

Includes low profile stereo cable.


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