Intellijel Sealegs - Multi-Model Stereo Character Delay with Reverb

Intellijel Sealegs - Multi-Model Stereo Character Delay with Reverb

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Sealegs was designed to create the most lush, musical and organically rich delay module that would provide sparkle and brilliance to enhance any audio it touches. The utmost care and attention has been delivered to bring the most distinctive and desirable sonic characteristics of three different types of delay circuits:
* Tape * Bucket Brigade * Crossfading Digital

 A veritable smorgasbord of tactile controls allow you to tweak exactly the sound you desire; synced or un-synced stereo delays; * built-in modulator with seven morphing waveshapes * Wow & Flutter emulation, and an envelope follower * dedicated low- and high-pass filters; * built-in hiss & crackle noise per-model colour control * a spacious reverb; * re-configurable signal flow through the unit.

In addition, attenuverted modulation inputs abound ensuring the delay undulates with your musical needs.

* Three Unique delay models with per-model "Color", modulation behavior, and saturation/limiting * Three Stereo configurations (PONG, L/R, Time/Width) * Built-in modulator with multiple, morphing wave shapes * Lush, routable 1970s-inspired reverb * Noise control to introduce hiss and crackle. * Highpass and lowpass filters for filtered repeats * Input drive with level trim * Per-model Freeze functionality for holding the delay contents and looping * Delay times up to 6 sec (L channel) and 8 sec (R channel, Width adds 33% to Time) * 9 CV inputs (with attenuverters) * Stable external clock syncing (or tap tempo) * 96 kHz, 32-bit stereo floating point processing


  • Size: 20HP
  • Depth: 29mm
  • Power:  116mA @ +12V  10mA @ -12V"


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