Worng SoundStage MKII

Worng SoundStage MKII

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SoundStage II is the evolution of the groundbreaking SoundStage spectral stereo mixer from WORNG Electronics.
Just patch into any of the twenty-one inputs to build your mix over the stereo field utilising twenty carefully tuned resonant analogue filters. SoundStage II improves on the original with a stereo send and return loop, an improved Depth circuit for more consistent operation over different output levels, and tweaked low end response for bass that's bigger and with more headroom. In addition, the output Level control is also now logarithmic for improved response when used for compression, expansion and ducking.

SoundStage II is the ultimate tool for better mixes in the rack and perfectly fits any system, from compact to monster.

Video: https://youtu.be/_SLup1HQEu8

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