Tiptop Audio 207t Mixer/Preamplifier

Tiptop Audio 207t Mixer/Preamplifier

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The Eurorack recreation of the '70s Buchla 207 Mixer/Preamplifier. The 207 is an extremely useful utility with a built-in preamp to increase the gain of external instruments and microphones. Featuring a six-channel mixer with a range of signal routing options, it includes the ability to route channels to the monitor and left & right audio outputs, with control over loudness and panning on each channel, with a monitor switch to re-route to the full-volume and summed to mono monitor outputs, and a prog switch providing loudness controlled by the Level Adjustment slider and panning controlled by the channel Assignment knobs, with the 1st & 6th channels hard-panned when no CV is applied.

The initial stage of amplification incorporates a 1/4" input along with a variety of gain options, compatible with external line level instruments, electric guitars, or dynamic microphones. The continuous amplification control introduces an extra layer of versatility to cater to your specific audio requirements. The Expansion In serves as a stereo input that combines and feeds into both the left and right main outputs. This feature proves advantageous when connecting multiple 207t modules in a chain or introducing an additional stereo source into the final output.

Video: https://youtu.be/DToEZyO35LA?t=19

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