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Found Sound - BM-Tee

The new tee Designed by Benny Montero!
Let your Tweak Flag Fly at Found Sound!

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$39.95 Enquire

Mono - The FlyBy

With it's compact footprint, stand-up design, multiple carrying options and break-away laptop bag, the FlyBy Pack is the ultimate tour pack for the digital creator. The detatchable laptop feature allows you to stash the main section in overhead storage on the plane and keep the laptop bag under the seat (for instance). Life on tour is filled with new challenges and the FlyBy will rise to the occasion every time. Load up and prepare for takoff.
RRP $389.95

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Teenage Engineering - "TEENAGE" Tee Black

Available in S, M, and L sizes.

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Teenage Engineering - "PO-12" Tee Grey

Available in S, M, and L sizes.

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Andrew McUtchen, Jeff Jenkins and Barry Divola - The Music That Maton Made

This is not only a book for guitar lovers — it's an intimate family history and an essential part of Australian music history. Compiling over ten years of research, and over two years in production, this book is as well-crafted and family-owned as Maton guitars themselves.

‘… From the rich details of the stories behind the songs to the gorgeous photos spanning the history of rock’n’roll, this book is for gear-heads and music lovers alike.’ - The Weekend West

Published to coincide with Maton's 70th anniversary, The Music That Maton Made is a comprehensive, full-colour tribute to a home-grown guitar range that has been embraced by famous musicians and guitar enthusiasts around the world.

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Found Sound - XI-Tee

The second offering in our artist series limited edition tees from storyboard/concept artist/director/illustrator/animator/musician Xavier Irvine. Just in time for Star Wars!
Various sizes available.
Only $30 with every purchase over $50!
Available in sizes S, M, L, XL & 2XL
Hand printed by Too Far Gone screenprinting. "Marble Tee" T-Shirt manufactured by AS Colour, Australia.
Stock is limited.

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$35.00 Enquire

The Bakehouse Project - -

In October 2013, as a tribute to the passing of Lou Reed, Bakehouse pasted up two giant rock posters on the front of their iconic studios. An overwhelming and emotional response to the work inspired them to make the wall a permanent exhibition space.
Artists such as Patricia Piccinini, Julia deVille, Mick Turner, Stewart Russell and the Hotham Street Ladies have completely transformed these rehearsal spaces, and created a series of unforgettable paste-ups.
From the lyrical to the audacious, this book documents and celebrates a year of art at Bakehouse.

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Mono - EFX The Kondensor

Clean lines, contoured form, slim profile. The Kondensor pack keeps you in stealth mode with a deceptive amount of storage space. Designed from scratch for creators, the Kondensor's sharp angles create protected spaces for heavy electronics while providing a low center of gravity. A handful of smart external features will keep you breezing through airports and subways worldwide without missing a beat. Keep it moving.

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Found Sound - CB-Tee

Artist series limited edition Found Sound T-Shirt Numero Uno by total legend Courtney Barnett!

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Birth of Bebop, The - DeVeaux, Scott

A Social & Musical History

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Architectural Acoustics - Long, Marshall

First Edition. Hardcover.
Architectural Acoustics offers a comprehensive overview of acoustical science at a level suitable for either advanced undergraduate or introductory graduate courses in architectural design and architectural engineering. The text is organized according to how sound interacts with built structures, going from simple geometries through complex building structures. The book begins with a brief but useful history of architecture and the role of acoustics, as well as overview of human perception of, sound, and then progresses through topics ranging from acoustic measurement, noise metrics and environmental noise, to sound in enclosed spaces, sound transmission in buildings, vibration and vibration isolation, and noise in mechanical systems.

Architectural Acoustics also includes more advanced chapters on specific design problems, including treatment of multifamily dwellings, office buildings, sound reinforcement systems, rooms for music, multipurpose rooms, auditoriums, sanctuaries, and studios and listening rooms. Also covered is the theory loudspeaker systems and sound system modeling as well as in-depth presentation of computer modeling, ray tracing and auralization.

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