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Stroviols - Home Model Phono-fiddle

1905 Stroviols Home Model Phono-fiddle. Replacing a body chamber is a phonograph style horn and membrane that is excited by the string. Features alumnium horn, and single plain steel string.

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König & Meyer - 16415 Harmonica Holder

For various harmonica models. Elegant harmonica holder with professional features. Fully adjustable spring-tension instrument holder. Neck frame is covered with exclusive soft rubber material for more comfort.
Brand new with warranty.

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Hohner - Marine Band Pro Pack

3 pack of Marine Band 1896 harmonicas in the most popular keys, C, G, and A. The Marine Band 1896 is a lengendary harp with a lineage of iconic players such as Bob Dylan, Little Walter, and Paul Butterfield, and is the harmonica against which all others are judged. Features 0.9mm brass reeds, pearwood comb, and stainless steel cover. Made in Germany.
RRP $179

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Hohner - Blues Harp

Hohner's most popular and the worlds best-selling harmonica, the Blues Harp features a wooden comb, high covers without side vents, and high quality brass reed plates to give the harp its distinct bluesy sound. Made in Germany.
Available in D, E, G & A. Includes carry box.
RRP $65

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Lee Oskar - Diatonic Harmonica

The Lee Oskar Harmonica System was designed by a pro in collaboration with Tombo to be the best harmonica in the world. The unique comb projects a bigger sound while wider chambers and narrow dividers allow for fast and easy playing. Stainless steel cover plates are corrosion-free and engineered for excellent projection and tone.
Available in major keys C, D, G, and A. RRP $59.99

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