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Roland - VK-09

1981 Roland VK-09 combo organ. It has 2 sets of drawbars, with six drawbars in each set, labelled 'Sine Wave' and 'Bright Wave', four key percussion settings, and chorus/vibrato. Made in Japan.

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VOX - Corinthian

The Corinthian Organ was introduced into the Vox product line in 1969, The Corinthian being little more than a rebadged Vox Jaguar Organ, but named after the bank that was currently holding Vox in receivership. Being a very short-lived transitionary model, the Vox Corinthian is a rare piece of Vox history. Like the Jaguar, it features three octaves of treble tones and one octave of bass tones. A "Bass Chords" rocker switch on the control panel allowed the treble tones to be extended into the lowest octave. Made in Italy.
Fully serviced prior to sale. Includes chrome legs, protective cover and case.

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VOX - Continental 61

The Vox Continental, the famous transistor-based combo organ from the 1960s made popular by the Animals and the Doors and later embraced by new wave, ska and indie bands, has returned as a thoroughly modern stage piano/organ. The 21st-century Vox Continental features four independent sound engines that can be layered or split, providing a broad palate of organ, piano, electric piano and synth sounds, plus digital and valve-based effects and a wealth of performance-friendly controls. 61 Key model.
Includes flexible/tilt-adjustable stand and V861 foot controller. Made in Japan.
RRP $2499

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Hammond - XK-3

After extensive developemnt Hammond created a sophisticated and unique technology that uses 96 digital tone wheels to create a tonal replica of the famous B-3. Equipped with 12 reverse key presets, 3 sets of drawbars, 2-rotor digital Leslie, and 6-position rotary vibrato/chorus knob”all the features you expect to find on a B-3. Made in Japan.
Includes owners manual.

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Farfisa - VIP 233

Rare '70s Italian transistor organ. Features two 49-note manuals, with the upper manual sporting three voices (Flutes, Clarinets and Percussion), each in 4 ranks (16', 8', 5-1/3', 4'). The Clarinet voices are not found on any of the other VIP drawbar organs. The lower manual, features two voices (both 8').
Includes original lid. Missing Some drawbars & keys scratchy but will clear up with use.

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Teisco - Teischord Model D

1960s Teisco Teischord Model D combo organ divided into Bass and Solo sections, and a set of voices for each. Made in Japan.
Includes lid and legs.

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Hammond - M102

1962 Hammond M102 and Leslie 122V. Dubbed the baby B3, the M102 has the same vibrato scanner as the B3, and comes paired with its natural partner - the highly sought after Leslie 122V.
In incredible condition for age. Both units have been thoroughly maintained.

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