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ACME - Silvertone 1484

Silvertone 1484 clone built to Hiwatt-Style PTP Spec by Jesse Quitsland (Death Cab for Cutie guitar tech).
Modified with 115-240V selector switch.

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VOX - Lil' Night Train

A 2 watt all tube head simply running two 12AX7's and one 12AU7 into a 1x10" Night Train cabinet.
In excellent condition.

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Dr. Z - Stang Ray

Using the classic setup of a quartet of EL84’s biased close to true Class A at 30 watts, the Stang Ray tips its hat to classic British tones, but like all Dr.Z amps, has its own unique voice. The preamp uses an EF-86, and it has a 12AX7 phase inverter. Tone shaping is accomplished with Volume, Tone, and Cut controls, giving you the ability to dial up a warm tone, but with sweet 3k range brilliance for beautiful upper treble and nice low-midrange control. Made in the USA.
Includes custom road case.

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Hiwatt - Hi-Gain 100

100W Hi-Gain valve head. Switch between the classic channel 1 sound to the full tilt overdrive 2 channel, or hit the Hi-Gain switch for some serious overdrive and distortion sounds.

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Fender - Bassbreaker 007 Head

Powered by a pair of 12AX7 preamp tubes and a single EL84 power tubes for 7 watts of true Class-A amplification, the Bassbreaker 007 Combo features traditional gain and tone controls, and an interesting option—switchable vintage-style treble booster for increased overdrive and added harmonics.
Brand new with warranty.
RRP $899

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WEM - Control ER 15

Vintage mid '60s WEM Control ER 15. 15 Watt 2 channel tube amp running 2 x 12AX7s, and 2 x EL84 power tubes. Features volume/treble/bass controls for each channel. Made in England.
In great condition. Includes hardwired speaker cable.

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Fender - Tremolux

1963 Pre-CBS Brownface Fender Tremolux with Blonde Tolex. In rare condition, it features the matching original 2x10" cabinet, and 6G9-A circuit using 2 x 6V6's for 30-35 watts.
Includes non original foot switch and speaker cable.

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3 Monkey Amps - Grease Monkey

Quad EL84 British voiced amplifier. The low end of the pre amp is regulated by the 'Shape' control giving three choices: Bright, Regular, and meaty. The 'Cut' attenuates the high end and is bypassed when turned fully counter-clockwise. The volume manages the loudness of the pre-amp and there is zero negative feedback making the Grease Monkey incredibly harmonically complex. Features red felt covering and sparkle control plate. Made in the USA.
Includes vinyl covers and 2x12" trapezoid cabinet loaded with Custom WGS made 3 Monkey Speakers.

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Supro - Black Magick 1695TH

The Supro Black Magick head packs all the award-winning tone and circuitry of the Black Magick combo into a compact all-tube head format. Features 2 Channels with Parallel Link and shared tone control, 25 Watt Cathode-Bias “Class-A” power amp, and 'Black Rhino Hide' tolex.
Limited to 6 in Australia! Brand new with warranty.
RRP $2499

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Eminar - Guitar Amplifier

Mid '60s Vintage Australian made Eminar head and cabinet. Originally loaded with 3 x 12" it is now loaded with 2x12" speakers: an original Rola 12UEG, and a Plessey Rola 12UEG.

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Orange - AD50 Custom Shop

The Orange Custom Shop AD50 is a machine of unrivaled quality. This amp has been hand wired by Orange's top craftspeople and features all point to point wiring as well the highest quality components. Features a footswitchable sustain boost, which bypasses the EQ to give more sustain. It can also can be run in two different modes 50 watts in class AB or it can be run at 30 watts class A.
Includes padded dust cover.

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Ultratone - Custom Forty

Circa '60s Ultratone Custom Forty, made by Moody in Sydney, Australia. The equivalent of the Moody GA-40, it features spring reverb, tube tremolo, and runs 2 x EL34s for approximately 40 watts.

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Laney - Klipp L60

Early to mid-'70s Laney Klipp 60 Watt all-tube head. The KLIPP integrates a treble booster, similar to the Dallas Rangemaster, and was famously used by Tony Iommi on Black Sabbath's Master Of Reality. Features selectable 4Ω, 8Ω, and 16Ω output, and switchable from 240V-115V. Made in England.

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Fender - Super Sonic

60 watt all tube head, with 4Ω, 8Ω and 16Ω outputs. Switchable Vibrolux and Bassman modes of operation giving great versatility and 'vintage/burn' switch which lets you add another gain stage for over the top overdrive. Runs two GT6L6GC Groove Tubes.
Includes original three way footswitch.

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ZVEX - Nano Head

All-tube guitar amplifier that can fit into the palm of your hand! Capable of inducing rich tones from any 8-16 ohm cabinet. Comes with 12 volt wall wart. Contains its own 230 VDC high-voltage supply for high-voltage tube crunch. So easy to transport!
Rare hand painted version, 1 of 1.

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Electravox - LB40

Vintage '60s Australian VADIS 2 Channel 40 Watt valve head running two Original Mullard EL34's, a 5AR46 Rectifier Valve, 1 x Miniwatt 12AX7 & a Miniwatt 12AXY's. A beautifully clean amp with plenty of headroom with a great breakup at high volume.
Fully serviced & gig ready.

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