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Marshall - JCM 800 Model 1992 Superbass 100w MkII

100 watt Non-Master Volume Bass Series JCM 800 Model 1992 Superbass 100w MkII.
EL-34 power tubes.
Made in the UK.
Original impedance selector modified with pot. Missing strap handle caps.

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Orange - AD200B MKIII

With four 6550 output valves pushing 200 Watts of power, the AD200B has a dynamic low-end with a focused mid-range. The rounded gain structure reveals a wide spectrum of vintage and modern tones.

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Ampeg - SVT-CLW

1995 Ampeg SVT-CL Classic Bass Head. With a power output of 300 Watt and 2 Ohms/4 Ohms impedance. Features Ultra Hi and Ultra Lo switches and 5-position frequency selector. Made in the USA.
Includes homemade dust cover.

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Ampeg - SVT-AV Anniversary Classic

The Ampeg SVT-AVU Anniversary Classic is a 300 watt 4Ω/2Ω bass head with modern enhancements such as a 5-position mid frequency selector, input gain, master volume, and tube protection circuitry. By using six 6550 power tubes and original transformer technology for the classic tone of the '60s and '70s.
Serviced by Dale Sherlock. Includes spare matching power tube & aluminium road case.

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