gBiz uDervish Partial Kit

gBiz uDervish Partial Kit

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The uDervish is an 8HP version of the Dervish digital effect module based on the Spin Semiconductor FV-1 DSP. 11 banks of 8 programs are stored on an internal memory which can be updated via an I2C connection.

Any FV-1 programs can be written to the board including those written for the Tiptop Audio zDSP module and the Elta Console.

This partial kit includes:

  • uDervish 8HP black panel
  • PCB set
  • Seven segment display and window
  • Dual gang pots for mix and level controls
  • Pre-programmed EEPROM
  • Pre-programmed AVR MCU
  • Spin Semi FV-1 DSP
  • PCB for optional I2C programmer

Documentation: uDervish Web Page

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