Yankee Power Supply HS-M24

Yankee Power Supply HS-M24

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Yankee HS-M24 is the most powerfull and most advanced professional guitar effects power supply in the world. It can power literally every guitar effect available on the market. It is electronicaly advanced power supply with 18 fully isolated sections. Manufactured by experienced specialists, HS-M24 is a combination of proffesional electronic solution and brilliant design. It introduces worlds first stepless voltage regulation feature (1V – 24V DC) with the screen showing set voltage value.

Yankee HS-M24 Power Supply features:

▪ The most powerfull and most advanced Power Supply in the world, that can power literally every guitar effect available on the market

▪ 18 outputs in eighteen fully isolated sections

▪ 4 outputs with groundbreaking, stepless voltage regulation (1V – 24V DC), adjustable by multi-turn screw. The screen on the top is showing voltage value set on each output.

▪ 3 AC outputs (9V, 12V, 14V or 16V) with 1300 mA or 2000 mA max current

▪ USB output that can charge mobile device or power LED lam to put some light on Your pedalboard

▪ All outputs fully isolated and compatible with pedals running on 9V DC

▪ Movable power socket (see pictures)

▪ Assembled in durable aluminium housing, using highest quality material providing safety and durability

Fits under Pedal Train and can be easily attached to any pedalboard with screws. Brand new with warranty.

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