Nonlinear Circuits Hyperchaos Deluxe

Nonlinear Circuits Hyperchaos Deluxe

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Hyperchaos Deluxe is a 10HP single hyperchaotic 4-dimensional oscillator from Nonlinear Circuits which provides 10 chaotically varying control voltages and two gate outputs. A CV input controls the relative magnitude of the outputs and a gate input switches the operation between slow and fast modes.

"Hyperchaos is a step towards the X-attractor. The X-attractor is the radically new class of attractors that arises with the fourth dimension (just as chaos arises in the third, oscillation in the second, and steady state in the first). It is still elusive."

This module is the four-dimensional cousin to the Nonlinear Circuits Chaotic Sloth.

Assembled slowly at Found Sound.


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