Roland Juno 6

Roland Juno 6

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'80s six voice Polyphonic Analogue Synthesiser with DCO pulse, saw, and square wave oscillators, non-resonant high pass and resonant low pass filters, ADSR and gate plus Arpeggiator & built in chorus effects. Includes the ability to store and save up to 76 patches. Modified with Tubbutec JUNO-66 MIDI modification which adds MIDI I/O functionality, additional play modes: Polyphonic, Duophonic, Three-Voice, Two Monophonic modes, Chord Memory and Polychord modes, Portamento, Powerarp sequencer, two additional LFO shapes, a second ADSR, detuning, and alternative tuning modes. An incredible upgrade set that pushes the Juno-60 well beyond its initial capabilities. Made in Japan.

In excellent condition.


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