Moog MP-201 Multi-Pedal

Moog MP-201 Multi-Pedal

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As a foot-controller, the MP-201 is a wholly unique product. It has four channels assigned to the four footswitches with three possible control modes.

The first mode is Expression, which will send the footpedal value as CV (Control Voltage) to the associated CV output (one of four ¼" TS jacks) as well as to any MIDI CC. Each of the four channels can also send MIDI Bank and Program Change messages when a preset is selected.

The second mode is LFO, which produces an oscillation (triangle, square, saw down, ramp up sample & hold and noise) as both CV and MIDI CC. The final mode is Gate, which can be assigned as momentary (single on/off trigger when the footswitch is pressed) or latch (toggling an on or off state each time the footswitch is pressed), again, via CV and MIDI.

For visual feedback, each footpedal has a ring of LEDs around it, the upper quarter of which is red and indicates on/off status, while the lower three quarters are yellow and equate brightness to the value being sent.

As well as sending/receiving MIDI information via the MIDI In/Out sockets there is also a USB connection so the MP-201 can be plugged directly into a computer and picked up as a MIDI device. The standard MIDI In/Out is run parallel to the USB, though there are options to change how the MIDI is split.

Includes original box, power supply, and manual.


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