VOX AC30 Super Reverb Twin

VOX AC30 Super Reverb Twin

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1965 JMI Trapezoid Vox AC30S/TT Super Reverb Twin non-Top Boost all tube amplifier and matching 2x12" cabinet. One of the most revered AC30 models, it features the iconic trapezoid head cabinet, black diamond grill cloth, 6 input/3 channel faceplate, and selectable reverb on the rear. The original 2x12" cabinet is loaded with the original Silver Bell Vox Celestion Alnico speakers. Made in England.

3-Pin power cord installed, and cabinet has been modified to take a 1/4" speaker jack. Small tear in grill cloth. Includes non-original footswitch. Fully serviced prior to sale.

Video: https://youtu.be/BhIEnFPlLA8

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