Shin-ei Companion PM-14 Amplifier Psychedelic Machine

Shin-ei Companion PM-14 Amplifier Psychedelic Machine

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Designed by Fumio Mieda, the PM-14 combines the circuits which became the FY-6 & RT-18 Resly Tone. This item is a must for any serious Hendrix fan. This is how you get that sound. The Fuzz section includes controls for the amount of gain ranging from a subtle drive to a beautifully disastrous sawtooth crunch plus two very distinct tones of either explosive thunder or a biting treble top boost. The Mood Adjuster section includes Tremolo, Vibrato and Duet (Uni-vibe) modes, each of which is controlled by a step-switch speed control for the repeats (1 second to 1/16th), plus Intensity (effect amount). Each section contains an individual volume control plus standard input jacks to cancel each effect with a standard on/off foot-switch (not included).

Built for use in Australia it accepts an input voltage of 240V and is compatible with most of Europe. Other countries such as Japan and the US will require a step-up transformer which can be found in most electronics stores. Input socket replaced.


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