Dirge Electronics Double Melt (Slowly Meltings)

Dirge Electronics Double Melt (Slowly Meltings)

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PT2399 based fuzz/octaver/chorus/doubletracker as used by Yvette Young from Covet, two Slowly Melting pedals in the one beast unit with some slight alterations in the second SM controls and a Stretch switch to increase delay time.


  • LOUDNESS: very loud!!!
  • STARVE: reduce power to the delay chip for extra glitch
  • MELT: feedback when melt footswitch is engaged
  • LENGTH: control delay time from double tracking to long stretched delays
  • WARBLE: the amount of modulation
  • BLEND: blend between just fuzz or fuzz and delay line

1 of 1 design.

Dual-lock on base and Pokemon stickers adorn the themed chassis - gotta melt 'em all!

Video: https://youtu.be/C0eZy2LOoO8

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