Tubbutec 6equencer

Tubbutec 6equencer

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A step sequencer inspired by the TR-606 drum machine in 1U format. Despite its compact design, it boasts an array of potent features.

6equencer is tailor-made for live performances, enabling swift and intuitive drum pattern programming and editing.


  • Step based drum sequencer with 8 instruments inspired by the TR-606.
  • Compatible with analogue and midi based systems
  • 16 patterns, chainable in song mode, up to 32 patterns in a song
  • Forward, backward, ping-pong and random play directions for patterns and songs
  • Mute instruments live
  • Probability control of steps
  • Swing with adjustable amount
  • Various types of Flam or Ratchet effects
  • Record steps by tapping or via midi
  • Clear steps while playing
  • Pattern length can be set individually (Last Step)
  • Copy, Paste and Clear patterns in song mode
  • 8 trigger outputs with adjustable trigger length, midi out
  • Analogue clock or midi clock input with adjustable clock divider
  • Multiple 6equencers can be chained to achieve longer sequences or more instruments.
  • Trigger and record via midi in, doubles as midi interface
  • Trigger midi instruments via midi out

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Video: https://youtu.be/D1O6NwfZOeo

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