Folktek Alter Y

Folktek Alter Y

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Alter Y is the pedal variant of the FolkTek Alter 2 eurorack module featuring four 1/4" jacks in addition to 1/8" as well as buffered switching that allows for trails.

  • Alter Y algorithms: analog delay, reverb with infinite capture and lp + hp filters, choral reverb, palindrome reverse delay (backward/forward repeat), time stretch, pitch shift (notated semi-tones), and time stretch glitch

CV (control voltage) for any eurorack format, cv keyboard, or pedals which output cv (eg. expression or sequencing), all four of the main knobs have cv inputs (mix, x, y, filter) so you can control your knobs without even touching them!

Both eurorack and 1/4" (guitar) jacks for ultimate freedom of expression.

Includes original box, power supply & buffer cable.


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