Electro Harmonix Tri Parallel Mixer

Electro Harmonix Tri Parallel Mixer

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The Tri Parallel Mixer offers impressive functionality in a compact design, and it is easy to operate with its intuitive controls and input/output options.

You can use it to mix or switch between up to three separate effects loops. It also allows you to send a guitar or other instrument out to three separate amplifiers or input three separate instruments to mix or switch to a single output. Using the Tri Parallel Mixer, you can mix effects in parallel to create unique sounds that are not possible with effects connected in series.

With the Tri Parallel Mixer, you can run up to three FX loops in parallel and achieve sounds that are impossible with serial effects connections. You can switch smoothly between FX loops in XOR mode, send one instrument to three separate amplifiers, or mix three instruments into a single output.

Includes original box.

Video: https://youtu.be/Agvh7llFioQ

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