Old Blood Noise Endeavors Dark Star

Old Blood Noise Endeavors Dark Star

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A reverb pedal at its heart, the Dark Star takes your signal and sends it through some concerning celestial bodies and delivers dark and twisted 'verbed out pads through your amp.

The device offers three different modes: Pitch, Delay, and Crush. The selected mode can be controlled using CTRL 1 and CTRL 2. In Pitch mode, there are two pitch controls for increasing or decreasing the pitch by one octave. Delay mode allows you to adjust the Delay Time and Delay Feedback. In Crush mode, you can use the pitch control to change the pitch by one octave in either direction, and there's also a Bit Crush control. The Mix knob adjusts the balance between the dry and wet signals, while the Reverb knob controls the decay time of the reverb effect.

The two footswitches are as bypass switch to engage the effect and a hold switch which is a momentary switch that locks in whatever note is being played through the reverb effect and will sustain as long as the switch is pressed.

Dark star also features an expression pedal input and the output level can be tweaked with the use of an internal trimpot.

Video: https://youtu.be/ZqYigPRDdUw

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