SSF Entity Ultra Kick

SSF Entity Ultra Kick

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The SSF Entity Ultra-Kick is a 14HP percussion voice module that is capable of much more than its name implies.
The Ultra-Kick, re-imagines a lot of what was possible on the BDS, but with more flexibility, more intuitive control ranges, and a generally more versatile sound.


  • Dual resonator-based kick drum module
  • Frequency resonator determines base pitch
  • Character resonator applies filtering, transient shaping, and other effects
  • Resonate control allows for self-oscillation
  • Internal pitch envelope with Depth and Decay controls
  • Ripple parameter allows frequency modulation of second resonator by the first
  • Intermediary Punch section applies saturation between resonators
  • Voltage control over Decay, Character, Resonate, Punch, Bass Drive, Gain
  • Auto feed-forward compressor design with dry/wet blend
  • Output limiter gain control
  • Bass Drive allows bass signal emphasis
  • External sidechain input

Includes original box, ribbon cable, screws. Zero rack rash!


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