Black Corporation Deckard's Voice Rev 2

Black Corporation Deckard's Voice Rev 2

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The Deckard's Voice is a 32HP, entry level semi-modular synth for eurorack systems.
Sharing the same paradigm and circuit as its bigger brother The Deckard's Dream, trimmed down for eurorack and supplemented with the flexibility available only in a modular format.


  • VCO with pulse, glitch saw and sine outputs
  • Dedicated LFO for PWM
  • Noise source
  • External audio input to a filter
  • Discrete hipass and lowpass filters with resonance and IL-AL-ADR envelope
  • LFO with sine, saw, ramp, square, smooth and stepped random output
  • Output VCA with ADSR envelope and velocity control over volume
  • ADSR (0-10V) and LFO (-5V/+5V) outputs
  • Master and line level outputs
  • +12/-12V standard eurorack power

Includes original box.


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