Colortone Lo-Fi Delay

Colortone Lo-Fi Delay

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Version 2 available HERE

Grainy lo-fi, old-school analog-sounding delay with an additional momentary oscillation feedback switching option for chaotic, unpredictable wet repeats. Controls for DELAY (time), MIX (mix for wet and dry signal), FEEDBACK (regeneration time), & FEEDBACK + (to adjust the regeneration of the wet repeats when the SPLASH switch has been engaged.


  • NORMAL ‘o’ mode has the delay in normal operation and the splash footswitch when depressed forces the delay into oscillation mode which is predetermined by the Feedback + knob.

  • PLUS ‘+’ mode has the Delay in silent operation mode and delays are only activated when the momentary Splash footswitch is depressed. Can be used for Dub style accents, Splashes of ambient delay or adding momentary washes of delay.

  • SPLASH Footswitch Momentary Footswitch temporarily forcing the pedal into a momentary feedback mode set by the Feedback+ knob.

Enclosed in Colortone's hand finished, etched box with signature brushed aluminium nut on footswitch. True Bypass switching. 9V DC Centre negative (no battery) - 60mA.

Made in Sydney, Australia.


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