Erica Synths Cymbals

Erica Synths Cymbals

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Erica Synths Cymbals (10HP) is a powerful percussive module for eurorack modular synthesizer systems. Topographically, the module’s cymbal samples are routed through an envelope-controlled VCA. Cymbals contains 10 groups of Crash and Ride samples and provides Tune and Decay control. The module houses Tone and Decay accent and cv controls, giving users plenty of room for creative variations. Additionally, the module features integrated sample looping that results in a unique delay-esque effect.


  • 10 groups of cymbal samples
  • Integrated analog envelope generator and VCA
  • Manual controls for Tune and Decay
  • Tune and Decay cv controls
  • Sample loop
  • Accent for expressive variations

Includes ribbon cable & jumper. Some very minor rack rash.


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