After Later Audio bOSC

After Later Audio bOSC

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bOSC (6HP) is a triangle core oscillator that is based on the same CEM3340 chipset used in legendary synths (SH-101, Prophet 5, MemoryMoog). Offers a wide frequency range from 80s cycles up to 40kHz.

bOSC is a solid oscillator, equally suited for low frequency and audio range operations.

bOSC can act as a VCO or LFO, set by a switch, with a frequency range from 80 second cycles to 40kHz, well above the range of human hearing.


  • Oscillator based on the CEM3340 VCO chipset
  • Frequency range 80 seconds/cycle to 40kHz
  • 1V/Oct tracking over five octaves
  • PWM input with attenuator
  • Four waveform outputs
  • Choice of hard or soft sync
  • Linear FM with attenuator

Includes ribbon cable. Some rack rash.


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