Pelican Noiseworks Pelitaur

Pelican Noiseworks Pelitaur

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Pelican Noiseworks presents the Pelitaur; a totally non-transparent fuzz that is hidden under the beguiling guise of the most divisive 'transparent' overdrive.. you know the one... Featuring standard output (volume) & treble (tone) controls... but most importantly, an gain control that will blend at the halfway mark. Counter clockwise; you will split ears with a snarling Benderish fuzz whereas the clockwise fuzz is a blooming 'Russian-style' M*ff distortion that most certainly dooms. Hard to find at the present time now that Pelican Noiseworks have reconstitutes this fuzz into a smaller footprint - the 'Half Horse'. Made in USA.

Includes original box, manual & ornate fabric bag to keep your fuzz safe from dust bunnies.


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