Blue Microphones Yeti Professional Multi-pattern USB Microphone Teal

Blue Microphones Yeti Professional Multi-pattern USB Microphone Teal

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The Blue Yeti USB microphone features 4 different pattern options offering flexibility to record vocals, music, podcasts, and audio for video and interviews, all of which would normally require multiple microphones.
Yeti features studio controls for headphone volume, pattern selection, instant mute, microphone gain, and a 3.5 millimetre headphone jack that allows you to listen to what you're recording in real-time, without latency delays. You can adjust the volume of your headphones using the control on the front of the microphone.

4 Pattern Modes

  • Cardioid Mode Perfect for podcasts, game streaming, vocal performances, voice-overs and instruments. Cardioid mode records sound sources that are directly in front of the microphone, delivering rich, full-bodied sound.

  • Stereo Mode Uses both the left and right channels to capture a wide, realistic sound image - ideal for recording acoustic guitar or choir.

  • Omnidirectional Mode Picks up sound equally from all around the mic. It’s best used in situations when you want to capture the ambience of "being there" - like recording a band's live performance, a multi-person podcast or a conference call.

  • Bidirectional Records from both the front and rear of the microphone - good for recording a duet or a two-person interview.

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