Pittsburgh Modular Structure EP-344

Pittsburgh Modular Structure EP-344

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Eurorack studio command centre. An inspiring studio centrepiece, the Structure 344 merges a classic form with robust power and deep, integrated synthesis tools. The 4 row, 344 hp desktop eurorack case features a custom Utility Bridge to handle a wide assortment of functions incorporating a preamp, mixer/splitter, dual voltage controlled signal buses, buffered, cascading attenuators, and more.

Structure 344 Enclosure

  • Four 86hp rows

  • 344hp total space available

  • Multi-functional integrated audio and CV utility hub

  • Edge to edge, through-wall-mounted rails reduce gaps between modules and the side of the case

  • Full row nut strips

  • Includes 160 black (size M3 6mm) module mounting screws

  • Beautifully hand-stained hardwood

Structure 344 Utility Bridge

  • Soft clipping overdriveable pre-amp

  • Fully buffered 2 In - 4 out unity gain mixer/splitter

  • Dual voltage controlled bus system with each bus incorporating a 3 channel mixer with offset, inversion, breakout channels and more.

  • 6 assignable bus outputs.

  • Bus mixers featuring and (mix) output, analog or output, and inverted mix output

  • Dual Fully Buffered Cascading Attenuators

Structure 344 Power

  • Up to 5 amps of clean, filtered +12v power

  • 5 amps of clean, filtered -12v power

  • Up to 3 amps of clean, filtered +5v power (see manual for detailed power breakdown)

  • 79 keyed 16 pin power headers

  • Rear mounted power switch with LED

Structure 344 Dimensions

  • External Depth at Top: 4”

  • External Depth at Base: 15.5”

  • External Height: 19”

  • External Width: 18”

  • Maximum Internal Depth for Modules: 4”

  • Empty Weight: 19.5 lbs

Brand new with warranty.

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