Synthesis Technology E520B Hyperion Stereo Effects Processor - Black

Synthesis Technology E520B Hyperion Stereo Effects Processor - Black

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The Synthesis Technology E520 Hyperion (Black) is a 48HP mono/stereo in, stereo out effects module. It is 48HP wide, 35mm deep and uses less than 230ma of +12V and less than 50ma of -12V.

The E520 has a unique 'dual chained mono' mode, where either:
Different algorithms cam be placed on Left and Right channels (for example Shimmer on Left and the Voder filter on Right). This can be thought of as 2 Mono Ins, and 2 Mono Outs. 2 algorithms can be 'chained' , where the Left algorithm internally feds the Right algorithm. This is a Mono In, Stereo Out signal chain (both Left Out and Right Out can be used). Chaining of stereo effects is not possible due to limitations of internal memory and the DSP speed required to maintain the 48KHz sample rate.

Algorithms in the E520 fall into 3 catagories:
Time Domain Effects - delay, chorus, phase shifting/flanging, frequency shifting and others. Frequency Domain (Spectral) Effects - Our unique Spectral Crusher, vocoder, time-stretching and others. Utility - frequency and level measurements


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