Synthesis Technology E370S Quad Morphing VCO

Synthesis Technology E370S Quad Morphing VCO

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The Synthesis Technology E370 (54HP) boasts four VCOs that can be organized in a variety of configurations, including unison, dual pairs, and individually.
Combined, E370’s VCOs can be used to create powerful chords from a single cv source. Its Mod inputs are assigned to scales, progressions, intervals, and more. All of this plus thru-zero modulation capabilities reinforce the E370s remarkable reputation.


  • Quad multimode oscillator with a vast array of sonic options
  • Dedicated Coarse/Fine tuning controls, FM, and Mod A/B for each oscillator
  • Sync input for each oscillator
  • Auto-calibration, no trimmers required!
  • E340 Sine
  • E340 Saw E340 Spreading
  • E340 Chaos/Chaos BW
  • LFO Mode
  • Any of a VCO’s 64 wavetables can be utilized in a “Cloud” texture, a la SynthTech's E344 Cloud Generator
  • E350 Phase Mode
  • E350 Glitch Mode
  • 2-OP FM Mode
  • 64 wavetables available at any time
  • Chords may be generated from a single CV source
  • Sample rate: 16-bit/96kHz
  • 2.4” TFT display with only “shallow menu diving”
  • Micro-SD slot accepts cards of up to 16GB, using standard FAT system
  • Custom wavetables can be created using the free WaveEditor program (including support for sample import for making wavetables from audio files)


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