Cosmotronic Cosmix

Cosmotronic Cosmix

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Cosmix is an 8-channel, 16HP stereo mixer with a built in analog stereo dual band maximizer. It has four mono channels and two stereo channels, the left inputs 5 and 7 are normalised to the right inputs 6 and 8 respectively. The four mono channels have panning and aux send controls. All channels are accommodated with a dedicated mute switch for live performance.

The aux output can be routed to an external effect and the four small switches below the volume faders set whether the signal that is routed to the aux bus is pre or post fader. The master bus can optionally be fed into the stereo drive circuit, this circuit is true stereo, and improves almost any sound source, with full bass and amazing spatial resolution. It works like a dual band maximizer, with separate faders for high and low frequencies.

Includes original box.


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