Soundforce SFC-1

Soundforce SFC-1

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The SFC-1 is for all the u-he Repro-1 users out there, SoundForce's very own dedicated class-compliant USB MIDI controller.

Boasting a grand total of 51 pots, 41 slide switches and 6 tactile switches, you can control every single MIDI-mappable control of the plugin the good ol' fashioned way. The effect chain is also fully-covered on the bottom section of the controller. Every control is assigned to a default CC number, but that can be changed using SoundForce's control panel app in Google Chrome. A shift button unlocks an alternative channel for each pot, allowing you to control potentially 51 extra parameters. Even more user-specific controls are possible with the extra set of user-assignable switches and pots.

All housed in a bent steel enclosure and an aluminium front panel, powder coated in black with screen printed layout and lettering in scratch-proof white ink. The SFC-1 is a boutique controller manufactured in small batches in the Netherlands. A lot of operations are still performed by hand and automation is used when possible to improve quality and processes.

Brand new with warranty.


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