Xaoc Devices LIPSK Bit Inversion Commander

Xaoc Devices LIPSK Bit Inversion Commander

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Lipsk allows the inversion of the individual bits produced by the Xaoc Drezno (or any other module connected to its input header at the back), and delivers the resulting code to its output header. Bit inversion can be manually controlled by pressing any of combination of its eight illuminated buttons, or it can be automated by patching gate signals into its gate input sockets. An active (5V) gate flips the state of the respective bit. If the button is active (bit already flipped), then the gate flips the bit again yielding double inversion (no inversion). The corresponding LEDs show the combined effect of both manual and gate actions. The bit processing logic is hardware-based, so there is virtually no latency, allowing the binary signals to be manipulated at extreme rates.


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Video: https://youtu.be/8JU6npux_DI

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