Erica Synths Black Wavetable VCO

Erica Synths Black Wavetable VCO

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Erica Synths Black Wavetable VCO is a compact, fat sounding wavetable VCO that features 16+ banks of selected waves: classical synths, FM synths, Erica modular, vowels and others.

Features: - 16 wavetables of 16 waves - Additional ROM chips with extra waves - VC wavesurf - VC bank surf - Manual and VC bitcrush - Built in VCA - Wave morphing - Suboscillator output - 3 suboscillator waves (-1 and -2 Octaves)

The VCO has separate -1 and -2 octaves suboscillator output, built in VCA and wave morphing feature for a more pleasant sound.

Some rack rash. Black Wavetable VCO expansion ROM 3 and original box.


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