Industrial Music Electronics Tyme Sefari mkII

Industrial Music Electronics Tyme Sefari mkII

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The Harvestman (Now Industrial Music Electronics) Model 1973 mk2: Tyme Sefari is a voltage-controlled audio buffer designed for live resampling of music. The buffer operates in a circular manner, meaning that when the end of the memory is reached, the playback and recording position reset to the starting position. When the PLAY switch or gate input (P) is active, the contents of memory will be sent to the audio output jacks, and the playback position will advance. This mode is indicated when the YELLOW LED is lit. When the REC (R) control is active, new data will be taken from the audio input and written into memory. This mode is indicated when the RED LED is lit. The DIR jack (D) and switch control the direction of playback/recording, and can be modified in real time. The SAMPLING FREQUENCY control determines the speed of playback and recording. Note that if PLAY is not active, then no RECording will take place until PLAY is made active again. It is the master control for the operation of the transport.

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Includes ribbon cable.


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