Folktek Mescaline System
Folktek Mescaline System
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Folktek Mescaline System

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Experimental modular 3-tier eurorack compatable system. Composed of 3 main modules "Mental", "Channel“, and "Motion". Channel is a 10-note polyphonic synth. You can play it either by touching up to 10 touch plates, by sequencing it through Folktek Mescaline’s Motion, or any external CV source. The sound source is a warm analog pulse wave. Channel also houses the effect section, which can be controlled by a wet/dry mix, feedback, and a non-resonant filter. You can route external signals into it.

Motion is the motor of the Folktek Mescaline. It consists of two independent sequencers; one for trigger events, the other one for control voltages. Both sequencers hold up to 8 steps. Both sequencers play not just one note but up to 8 events - so you make things interesting by firing events by on several steps.

The main component of Mental is its patchbay. You have 16x4 patch points available, which can lead to interesting rhythmic variations. Mental also offers four potentiometers, where you can mix incoming control voltage. They might alter the sound in pitch or envelope. You can even extend the capabilities of Mental by adding a breadboard populated with resistors, LEDs, capacitors, and ICs of your choice.

All in all a very organic if not beautifully unpredictable instrument, that really has a feel of its own.

Includes US plug worldwide power supply, container of cables, resistors etc.

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