Rex 4-Watt Combo
Rex 4-Watt Combo

Rex 4-Watt Combo

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Rex 4-Watt, 8-inch combo preceding the AG-6. Running a 6V4 Rectifier and a 6GW8 for Pre-amp and power. Loads of character! Made in Australia.

Fully serviced. Fuse added to circuit, original MSP speaker substituted with a Rola, power switch built into tone pot. Period correct replacement grill-cloth.

Product Specs

  • Item Number: 10685
  • Make: Rex
  • Model: 4-Watt Combo
  • Condition: Very Good
  • Finish: Tan
  • Categories: ampssmall-amps
  • Year: c.1960
  • Made In: Australia